Judge cites Andrew Tate and brother's "particular dangerousness" in using violence for psychological control in rape and trafficking case, justifies keeping them in prison.

Judge cites Andrew Tate and brother's "particular dangerousness" in using violence for psychological control in rape and trafficking case, justifies keeping them in prison.

A Romanian judge has recently issued a statement in which the particular dangerousness of Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan was highlighted. The judge cited the brothers' capacity and effort to target and exploit women as justification for extending their detention amidst ongoing investigations into allegations of rape and human trafficking.

According to Romanian media, a written statement from a Bucharest court specifically highlighted the Tate brothers' capacity and effort to exercise permanent psychological control over victims, including through the use of constant acts of violence. This assertion was made in order to demonstrate the extent of the danger posed by the brothers to both potential victims and the community at large.

As a result of this determination, the judge has ordered that the pair be held behind bars for an additional 30 days until February 27th. This ruling was made in order to manage tensions around the case and safeguard the integrity of the ongoing investigation. It is expected that the additional detention period will allow for a thorough and comprehensive investigation of the allegations against the Tate brothers to be conducted.


Andrew tate being held in custody over investigation of human sex trafficking
Andrew Tate, a former kickboxer and his brother Tristan have been in custody since December on allegations of being involved in an organized criminal group, human trafficking, and committing rape.

British-American ex-kickboxer Andrew Tate, 36, and his brother Tristan, 34, were arrested on December 29, 2022 over allegations of rape, human trafficking and setting up an organized crime group. They both deny the accusations. Alongside them, Luana Radu, 32, a former Bucharest police officer and Georgiana Naghel, 28, a model believed to have been in a relationship with Andrew for almost a year, were also arrested. Both women are facing charges of human trafficking and are accused of helping Andrew to control and force at least six women to create pornographic content while under house arrest.


Andrew and Tristan Tate, two other individuals have been arrested by Romanian police and are being held in custody. One of them is a former police officer named Luana Radu and the other is Georgiana Naghel, who is believed to have a romantic relationship with Andrew Tate.


Andrew Tate, the former kickboxer, has claimed that a woman who accused him of rape fabricated the allegations after he refused to buy her sister a €200,000 house. He also stated that the prosecution had only considered "small snippets" of information relevant to the case and that there was lack of concrete evidence at the Court of Appeal in Bucharest earlier this month.

He further said that it is time for this circus to end. His brother Tristan, on the other hand, protested his innocence to journalists outside the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) in Romania, where they were transferred for questioning.

The Bucharest Court of Appeal had heard Andrew's defence against the allegations that he raped a woman staying with him in Romania between November 2021 and April 2022. According to Romanian news outlet Gandul, the woman had requested to move to Romania with him and filed a rape accusation almost six months later when he refused to give her money to buy a house and become a TikTok star.

The woman is reported to have had a drug addiction when she met Andrew at the strip club she worked at in London. Andrew stated that he had allowed the woman to move to Romania with him on her own.


Andrew Tate and Tristian Tate being handcuffed and taken away for further investigation Andrew Tate and his brother were taken into custody in Romania


Andrew Tate, a former professional kickboxer, and his brother Tristan have been arrested in Romania on charges of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Prosecutors allege that the brothers lured women into a video chat studio, where they were held against their will and forced to produce and share pornographic material.

The brothers are also accused of rape, which they deny. Andrew claims that the rape allegations were made by a woman who followed him to Romania and fabricated the story after he refused to give her money to buy a house and become a TikTok star.

Tristan has stated that there is no evidence against him. Andrew has previously stated in a podcast that one of the reasons he moved to Romania was to evade rape allegations.


Andrew Tate being taken awayOn Thursday, Andrew Tate was escorted in handcuffs to the Bucharest's directorate for investigating organised crime and terrorism building.


Andrew Tate, who was seen being escorted by police in handcuffs to the directorate for investigating organized crime and terrorism in Bucharest on Thursday, denies the allegations against him. In a previous statement, he stated, "I am not a rapist, but I like the idea of just being able to do what I want. I like being free."

The women who the brothers are alleged to have trafficked for sex claim that they were referred to as "slaves" and were lured into becoming webcam porn workers with false promises of marriage. The brothers' head of security stated to the BBC that some of the women who spent time at the brothers' compound in Romania "misunderstood the reality and believed they would be Andrew Tate's next wife." He went on to say, "When they realized the reality, it's easy to transform from a friend into an enemy, and make a statement to the police."

The brothers have denied all of the accusations made against them. Andrew Tate also denied hurting any women, stating "Of course not... They know we have done nothing wrong." He added, "This file is completely empty. Of course it's unjust. There is no justice in Romania."

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