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Knqv's New Clothing Brand Debut - Knqv's Eedre Kingz with the Designs and the King and Queen Vibez Brand

Knqv is a Multi Music genre record label based in San Antonio, TX 

- Knqv Merk is presenting its new clothing brand with brand new dope logo designs and jewelry products, awesome personal creative designs that represent music in a totality, and much more prestige items like deals, and new music releases.

- Why Support us? We support the community, we support freedom, the rights of every urban and un-urban law abiding peoples, and are not here to blast or criticize anyone for their standards, beliefs or their way of life. We are here to support each other especially those who are supportive towards us, and we are here to give back to the community and give people inspiration, and aspiration to continue their pursuit for their goals and dreams.

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